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thomas jefferson & martha wayles mix | I'll be home in a little while 
Medium: real people
Fandom: history (?)
Subject: Thomas Jefferson & Martha Wayles
Title: I'll be home in a little while
Notes: I just wanted to make a little mix about these two. They stayed together 11 years and were deeply in love (Thomas Jefferson's depression after her death is well known) so i put these songs in a chronological sense, with explanations... 7 songs: Other Lives, Nick Cave, Beirut...


“At this time, I lost the most loving, caring, and sweetest soul to my heart that had made the previous ten years the best I have ever known.”
Thomas Jefferson, on the loss of his wife.
(…) Throughout their almost eleven-year marriage, the Jeffersons appeared to have been deeply devoted to each other.
On 1782, Ms. Jefferson’s health took a turn to the worse, and Martha died on September 6, a few months after the birth of her last child. Jefferson was so distraught, he did not remarry and remained a widower for the rest of his life.
He was inconsolable in his loss and “was led from the room almost in a state of insensibility by his sister Mrs. Carr, who, with great difficulty, got him into his library where he fainted, and remained so long insensible that they feared he would never revive.” After the funeral, he withdrew to his room for three weeks. Afterward he spent hours riding horseback alone around Monticello. His daughter Martha wrote, “In those melancholy rambles I was his constant companion, a solitary witness to many a violent burst of grief.”
Not until mid-October did Jefferson begin to resume a normal life when he wrote, “emerging from that stupor of mind which had rendered me as dead to the world as was she whose loss occasioned it.” [x]

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Regina Spektor - Ballad of a Politician (Thomas's ambition and passion)
You love so deep, so tender
Your people and your land
You love 'em 'till they can't recall
Who they are again

Joshua Radin - The Fear You Won't Fall (how they fall in love and are happy)
Digging a hole and the walls are caving in
Behind me air's getting thin but I'm trying
I'm breathing in
Come find me
It hasn't felt like home before you

Fiacha - Lullaby for a Dead Child (for the loss of three of their children)
I sing a lullaby against the night
I sing a lullaby for you my child, I can rock you to sleep, when I hear my dead child cries

Mumford and Sons - Home (the absences of Thomas for political matters)
I'll be gone by the nights end
Spin me round just to pin me down
But I'll be home in a little while. Lover I'll be home

Other Lives - Black Tables (Martha's illness and death, his grief)
When the life in your eyes wants black
Things return. You've come back
With your body and mine raised up

Beirut - Scenic World (Thoma's future)
The lights go on. The lights go off
When things don't feel right
I lie down like a tired dog
Licking his wounds in the shade

Nick Cave, instrumental - What Must Be Done (for their mutual love for music)

.RAR (mediafire | 29.06mb )
07.21.12 (UTC)
This is so beautiful! Thomas Jefferson is one of my favorite historical people, so I approve immensely of this mix :)
07.21.12 (UTC)
i have a lot of Jeffersons feels in fact! thank you :)
07.22.12 (UTC)
I LOVE historical/real life fanmixes and this looks great. Snagging--thank you :)
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