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You sharpen the heel of your boot and you press it
martha jefferson fanMIX 
Clockwork Orange
Medium: real people
Fandom: history (?)
Subject: Martha Jefferson
Title: an angel beyond the grave
Notes: a woman sadly unknown by a majority of people but so important in the life of the third president: a rock that he lost after 10 years of wedding. .
15 songs (Bach, Little Joy, Dark Dark Dark, Jake Bugg...)

i will keep your heart with mine until you come to me


When she died, Thomas Jefferson nearly became insane, not leaving his room during weeks, riding his hourses in silence alone around Monticello during hours, some of his closest friends even fearing that he was suicidal...
Martha was short, tiny and beautiful but whith character and boldness, and despite being wealthy, she knew Death: she buried her mother, two stepmothers when she wasn't even 10, then she lost her first hurband and finally, 4 children. And she died at 33.
so here a fanmix for this woman that i admire.

"In every scheme of happiness she is placed in the foreground of the picture as the principal figure. Take that away, and there is no picture for me."

"(...)soothing reflection that if there be beyond the grave any concern for the things of this world, there is one angel at least."

"[In 1782] I lost the cherished companion of my life, in whose affections, unabated on both sides I had lived the last ten years in unchequered happiness."

~Th. Jefferson

01 bach - partita n°2 Sarabande

02 wreckers - stand still, look pretty
But people have problems that are worse than mine
I don't want you to think I'm complaining all the time

03 aphex twin - jynweythek ylow

04 little joy - don’t watch me dancing
Margarita has a strange appeal
sways between suitors on a broke heel
Of course her desires they always mistook

05 susan enan - bring on the wonder
I can't see the stars anymore living here
Let's go to the hills where the outlines are clear

06 incubus - southern girl
You're an exception to the rule, You're a bonafide rarity
You're all I ever wanted, Southern girl

07 noa - explain the night
We are wrapped around our sorrow, In a strong embrace
And between your temple and your eye I hide my face

08 trevor morris - dancing in the rain

09 fiacha - lullaby for a dead child
I sing a lullaby and watch my life pass me by
but I hear my dead child cry

10 dark dark dark - daydreaming
Oh now look to the east,
Great mountains remember me,
Oh I wound around you for miles,
I sat down right there and stretched my bones.

11 cat power - i found a reason
Better run, run run, run run to me
Better come, come come, come come to me
You'd better run

12 mozart - piano concerto n°23

13 feist - fire in the water
Fire in the water, Is the body of our love
Nobody should see this, The freeness of the light

14 loreena mckennitt - penelope’s song
Long as the day in the summer time, Deep as the wine dark sea
I'll keep your heart with mine, Till you come to me

15 benh zeitlin - the end of the world

+ bonus | Jake Bugg - Broken
(thomas’s point of view)

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