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You sharpen the heel of your boot and you press it
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note: no, I'm not dead, it's just I have a busy life :P

medium: Real People
fandom: Actors & Actresses
subject: Anton Yelchin/Rooney Mara
title: I can't go to work today
summary: This mix exists to illustrate this "couple" I enjoy a lot. Don't ask me where this ship comes from, it's easier for all of us!But Bex and I started to create an entire story with 2 fictional characters Anton and Rooney represent, so... O.C. mix? A little bit. 8 songs (Stranglers, Slow Club, Lightning Love...)

Clockwork Orange
medium: real people
subject: Ellen Page/Joseph Grodon-Levitt
title: I will be your personal crow
notes: this mix is the illustration of a very very long RPF about these two.
warnings: well, i wrote this rpf for this prompt on inception_kink so... death :/

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I pushed you down deep in my soul for too longCollapse )
sorry, but I'm slightly obsessed by this movie and this cast
x 029 icons
x 015 graphics


a lot of picsCollapse )
Fandom: Real People
You're my best friend: a love/friendship picspam

Title: Arthur/Ariadne in Red Green Blue

3 colors, 2 characters, 1 movieCollapse )
An INCEPTION post ... i'm just slighly obsessed by this movie and i've made two fanarts. I hope you will like them:)

title : minichibis
rating : G
note : the complete gang BUT without the chemist (i'm sorry :/)
title :
the die and the bishop
rating : G
note : ArthurxAriadne (my fav' ship, sorry again ^^)

heavy pictures are heavyCollapse )
title : and my head told my heart let love grow
fandom : Inception
media : RealPeople
subject : Joseph Gordon-Levitt & Ellen Page
note : the picture on the cover says it all. 10 songs + one (with Tokyo Police Club, Robyn, The Radio Dept…) + 2 little gifs :3

07.20.10 - promotion
I just want to share a community I created ^^

a community about fictive movies purely fanmade.

cine_kino_team cine_kino_team cine_kino_team cine_kino_team 
share your imagination and your work. 'cause I know everybody has a "fantasy movie" with their favourite actors
a community about fictive movies purely fanmade.
media : real people
title : I will take advantage while you hang me out to dry
subject : Mélanie Laurent / Daniel Bruhl / August Diehl
note : my “real people” version of Jules and Jim. 14 songs with : the Drums, Charlotte Sometimes, Artic Monkeys, Kesha… mix + a lot of graphics.

x 74 twilight cast
x 03 backadder
x 05 community
x 07 Dianna Agron
x 12 ROME
x 05 LOST
x 15 supernatural
x 07 animations
x 09 Inglorious basterds
x 09 heath ledger
x 09 miscellanous
+ 5 banners
+ 2 wallpapers
+ 4 gifs (spoilers!!!)


i was being sarcasticCollapse )
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