Clockwork Orange
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The White Queen- Henry Tudor/Elizabeth of York - Just Another Diamond Day

Medium: Television
Fandom: The White Queen
Subject: Henry Tudor/Elizabeth of York
Title: Just Another Diamond Day
Notes: because 'The White Princess' is pure bullshit and that these two are just a wonderful historical OTP, they deserve a fanmix. I mean... did you read the love poem she wrote for him? *sigh* 10 tracks with: Of Monsters and Men, Hiatus & Shura, Jack Savoretti...

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thomas jefferson & martha wayles mix | I'll be home in a little while

Medium: real people
Fandom: history (?)
Subject: Thomas Jefferson & Martha Wayles
Title: I'll be home in a little while
Notes: I just wanted to make a little mix about these two. They stayed together 11 years and were deeply in love (Thomas Jefferson's depression after her death is well known) so i put these songs in a chronological sense, with explanations... 7 songs: Other Lives, Nick Cave, Beirut...

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The Godfather| Vito/Carmela Corleone| You were in the Darkness so I stayed in the Darkness with you

Medium: Movie/Book
Fandom: The Godfather
Subject: Vito & Carmela Corleone
Title: You were in the Darkness and I stayed in the Darkness with you
Notes: I just wanted to put some songs together about this couple, because despite the years and... his 'business', they stayed together and were love. Maybe you will find the songs out of context but I think they fit. 10 songs, including the Civil War, First Aid Kit, National...
+ 1 gif

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Jesse St-James/Quinn Fabray fanMIX - Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps

medium: television
fandom: GLEE
subject: Jesse St-James/Quinn Fabray
title: Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
warnings: none
notes: I didn't have specific ships (i'm more multi-ships), until this line during "Prom" episode: "You look stunning. The ghost of Garce Kelly" and I was like o_O NEW OTP ALERT! Don't even ask me why but they are the perfect match for me!so, 8 songs (Cake, Kris Allen, Wreckers...) + 2 gifs + 2 graphics

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